The Industry track will be running in two sessions (in two different rooms each, please, see below) on the festival day (Wednesday 27th of June). 


ALL authors will be provided the opportunity to present a poster to allow better visibility and opportunities for networking with conference attendees according to the schedule below

Session 1

27 June 11am-1pm at Drama Studio

Presentations (10’ – 8’ presentation + 2’ questions)

[ICLS] Districtwide Implementations Outperform Isolated Use of Automated Feedback in High School Writing

Elijah Mayfield and Stephanie Butler [Turnitin]

 [AIED] Leveraging Non-cognitive Student Self-reports to Predict Learning Outcomes

Kaska Porayska-Pomsta, Manolis Mavrikis, Mutlu Cukurova, Maria Margeti and Tej Samani [University College London, Performance Learning Education Ltd.]

[AIED] Adaptive learning based on affect sensing

Dorothea Tsatsou, Andrew Pomazanskyi, Enrique Hortal, Evaggelos Spyrou, Helen Leligou, Stylianos Asteriadis, Nicholas Vretos and Petros Daras [Centre for Research & Technology Hellas, Nurogames, University of Maastricht, National Centre for Scientific Research ”Demokritos”, OTE Academy]

[AIED] The Rise of Simulation-based Assessments for Hiring Evaluation: Strengthening Immersive Cognitive Assessments

Rebecca Kantar, Keith McNulty, Erica Snow, Richard Wainess, Devon Walker, Sonia Doshi and Matthew Emery [Imbellus, McKinsey and Company]

[AIED] Simulated Dialogues with Virtual Agents: Effects of Agent Features in Conversation-Based Assessments

Jesse R. Sparks, Diego Zapata-Rivera, Blair Lehman, Kofi James and Jonathan Steinberg [Educational Testing Service]

 [ICLS] Dialogue-based tutoring at scale: Design and Challenges

Maria Chang, Matthew Ventura, Jae-wook Ahn, Peter Foltz, Tengfei Ma, Tejas I. Dhamecha, Smit Marvaniya, Patrick Watson, Cassius D’helon, Amy Wetzel, Andy Packard Haas, Kaitlyn Banaszynski, John Behrens, Gailene Nelson, Sharad C. Sundararajan, Ravi Tejwani, Shazia Afzal, Nirmal Mukhi [IBM Research, Pearson Education]

 [AIED] Inferring Course Enrollment from Partial Data

José González-Brenes and Ralph Edezhath [Chegg Inc.]

[ICLS] How do parents select educational apps for young children?

Federica Tozzi, Iolie Nicolaidou, Philippos Kindynis, Marinos Panagiotou, Paris Vogazianos, Elpiniki Nikolaou, Eleni Kamilari, Anna Christodoulou, & Athos Antoniades,

[Stremble Ventures Ltd., Cyprus University of Technolog, University of Cyprus]

[AIED] Smart Learning Partner: An Interactive Robot for Education

Yu Lu, Chen Chen, Penghe Chen, Xiyang Chen and Zijun Zhuang [Beijing Normal University]


AIED – 8 Poster pitches (2’ each)


[AIED] Towards Competence Development for Industry 4.0.

Milos Kravcik, Xia Wang, Carsten Ullrich and Christoph Igel [DFKI]

[AIED] College Course Classification at Scale.

Irina Borisova [Chegg Inc.]

[AIED] ITADS: A Real-World Intelligent Tutor to Train Troubleshooting Skills.

Sowmya Ramachandran, Randy Jensen, Jeremy Ludwig, Eric Domeshek and Thomas Haines [Stottler Henke Associates Inc., Comtech TCS]

[Centre for Research & Technology Hellas, Nurogames, University of Maastricht, National Centre for Scientific Research ”Demokritos”, OTE Academy]

 [AIED] Validating Mastery Learning: Assessing the impact of adaptive learning objective mastery in Knewton alta.

Andrew Jones and Illya Bomash [Knewton]

[AIED] Short-term Efficacy and Usage Recommendations for a Large-scale Intervention of the Maths-Whizz Tutor.

Manolis Mavrikis and Junaid Mubeen [University College London,  Open University]

 [AIED] AUI Story Maker: Animation Generation from Natural Language.

Nacir Bouali and Violetta Cavalli-Sforza [Al Akhawayn University]

[AIED] Adaptive Visual Dialog for Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Jae-Wook Ahn, Maria Chang, Patrick Watson, Ravi Tejwani, Sharad Sundararajan, Tamer Abuelsaad and Srijith Prabhu  [IBM T.J. Watson Research Center]         

[AIED] Preliminary Evaluations of a Dialogue-based Tutor.

Matthew Ventura, Maria Chang, Peter Foltz, Nirmal Mukhi, John Behrens, Jae-Wook Ahn, Tengfei Ma, Tejas Dhamecha, Smit Marvaniya, Patrick Watson, Cassius D’helon, Ravi Tejwani and Shazia Afzal [Pearson Education, IBM Research]                                                                                      

Session 2

27 June 3.15pm-4.30pm at Jeffrey room

ICLS – Short presentations (5’ each)

[ICLS] The Business Case for the Learning Sciences

Daniel Matthew Belenky, Kristen DiCerbo [Pearson]

[ICLS] Adaptive learning design in corporate education: Bolstering leadership readiness for organizational change

Tomoko Mikawa, Youngjin Ju, Dongwon Roh [Samsung]

[ICLS] Data Literacy As Storytelling Practice In The Open Data/Open Minds Project

Elisabeth Sylvan [NEXMAP]

[ICLS] EDUCATE: Creating the Golden Triangle for research informed commercial collaborations within education trechnology

Mutlu Cukurova, Rose Luckin, Alison Clark-Wilson, Greg Moore, Tunde Olatunji, Michael McDonald [UCL Institute of Education, FreeFormers, Lyrical Kombat, LiguaPracticaVR]


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