Locations: Elvin and Drama rooms

Accepted contributions for the Interactive Event:

An Intelligent Educational Robot for Personalized Learning
Penghe Chen, Yu Lu, Xiyang Chen, Xiaoyu Tang and Zijun Zhuang


Towards automatic assessment of musical knowledge
Ricardo Conejo and Beatriz Barros


AUI Story Maker: Animation Generation from Natural Language
Nacir Bouali and Violetta Cavalli-Sforza


ElectronixTutor Integrates Multiple Learning Resources to Teach Electronics on the Web
Brent Morgan, Andrew Hampton, Zhiqiang Cai, Andrew Tackett, Lijia Wang, Xiangen Hu and Art Graesser


Interactive Event – MathAPPtitude: A Domain-Specific Language for Building Math Games to Encourage Deep Learning of Number Sense
Susan Lauer


Personal Assistant for Lifelong Learning – Tablet and Smartphone Data
Benjamin Nye, Bill Swartout and Wendy Whitcup


Adaptive Perceptual and Cognitive Training System (APACTS)
Jeremiah Folsom-Kovarik


Intelligent Adaptive Learning System for Chinese K12 Students
Wei Cui, Mingyu Feng and Junli Zhao


Interactive Event Around Crowdsourcing
Neil Heffernan


A Low Cost Infrastructure for Adaptive Auditory Feedback when Learning shikko (knee walking)
Alberto Corbi and Olga C. Santos


Watson Tutor: a scalable dialog-based tutoring system [link to video] Bruce Slawson, Nirmal Mukhi, Matthew Ventura, Renuka Sindhgatta and Peter Foltz


Adaptive mastery learning in the classroom: assignments, review, and analytics in Knewton alta
Andrew Jones and Illya Bomash


Frankenstein Laboratory for Innovation and Fantastical Exploration
Ruth Wylie and Ed Finn


Personalised Reading Platform and Apps – the iRead project
Manolis Mavrikis, Kaska Porayska-Pomsta, Kostas Karpouzis and Mina Vasalou


Gamifying the learning experience with the use of chatbot for personalized feedback
Wincy Chan and Donn Gonda