When and where do I present?

There will be four paper parallel sessions in AIED 2018. Please, find where and when you have been allocated to present your paper here.

How do I present my paper?

Each paper will be allocated a 20 minute slot, which includes the formal presentation, questions, and the transition to the next paper.  So please keep this time limit in mind as you prepare.

Please, make sure you arrive at the session 10 minutes early to coordinate with their session chair and also to test your presentation.

You will probably wish to prepare some “PowerPoint” slides to support your presentation. Prepare your slides and bring them with you to the conference. You may need to load your presentation onto the computer before your session, to facilitate a smooth transition between speakers. We recommend that you also bring  your presentation on a data stick or other portable memory device in case you cannot connect your own computer to the projector.

If possible, please consider these accessibility guidelines in preparation of your material, in order to make your presentation accessible as possible to all.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any further question, please, contact the program chairs:

Carolyn P. Rose, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Ulrich Hoppe, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany