Thursday 28th June

3.20 pm – 5 pm  – Logan room
Bridging human-machine learning and intelligence: from qualitative to computational

Questions that fall under that title include: what can be learned about AI from people, and learned about people from AI? How can this be done using diverse methodologies? How can we computationally model complex human learning processes? How do we computationally model processes that are qualitative in nature? What are some of the major advances made in the field and how have they been used to make systems more intelligent?
Mike Sharples (Open University, UK)
Amy Ogan (CMU)
Kurt VanLehn (ASU)

Ben Du Boulay (Sussex)

Saturday 30th June

8 – 10 am – Logan room
Deep learning takes more than a keyboard: Multi-modal, multi-channel data, VR / AR, and mobile.

This session is about novel interactions to support learning, and process novel data that comes out of this – a “beyond keyboard” session. The session focuses on the interactions and the resulting rich data. What are opportunities for novel designs, interfaces, and interactions that support learning? These opportunities result in rich data – what are the benefits of using multimodal human dara to make systems more intelligent?

Judy Kay (Sydney)
Scott Klemmer (UCSD)
Carolyn Rose (CMU)
Inge Molenaar (Radboud University)